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This lovely Olive wood cutting/serving board is made from a single 1" thick piece of Mediterranean Olive wood and boasts a live edge. It measures 12" in length and approx. 8.5" wide and has been naturally finished with food-safe oils and beeswax. The highly detailed mandala carved into the corner gives this cutting/serving board and distinct and unique style that will liven up your kitchen and be sure to impress your guests.

Mandala Olive Wood Cutting/Serving Board

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  • Olive wood is a hard, dense wood, native to the Mediterranean region. As you may have guessed, olive wood comes from the Olive tree or Olea europaea, the same tree that produces olives and olive oil.

    An olive tree usually grows to approximately 33 feet and the trunk diameter is about 5 feet.

    Olive wood is considered a high-end, luxurious wood. It is not only beautiful and elegant, but also precious and coveted; since its production is limited and the advantages are many.

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