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This beautiful sign is made from a solid piece of Cedar and is decorated with a very detailed carving of a mandala and an insipational quote. The carvings have been filled with a light blue resin that make this decorative sign something truly unique, the entire sign has also been sealed to prevent fading.

Mandala Cedar Sign

Excluding GST/HST |
  • The sign measures 13.5" x 5" inches

  • The western redcedar has been called "the cornerstone of Northwest Coast aboriginal culture," and has great spiritual significance. Coastal people used all parts of the tree. They used the wood for dugout canoes, house planks, bentwood boxes, clothing, and many tools such as arrow shafts, masks, and paddles. The inner bark made rope, clothing, and baskets. The long arching branches were twisted into rope and baskets. It was also used for many medicines.

    The wood is naturally durable and light in weight. It is used for house siding and interior paneling as well as outdoor furniture, decking and fencing. Because of its resistance to decay and insect damage, the wood of large, fallen trees remains sound for over 100 years. Even after 100 years, the wood can be salvaged and cut into shakes for roofs.

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